Wojciech Bonowicz

Polish poet, publicist, journalist, editor.

Born on January 10, 1967 in Oswiecim. He graduated in Polonistics at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Author of books of poems "The choice of the majority" (1995), "Wholesale warehouse of the wounds" (2000), "Folk poems" (2001), "Open sea" (2006), "Polish signs" (2010), "Echoes" (2013), "Second hand" (2017), "Great things" (2022), "Selected poems" (2022).

As a journalist, he cooperates with the Krakow edition "Tygodnik powszechny". Works in the publishing house "Sign". Author of the biography of the cop. Jozef Tishner and several works about him. Author of two children's books. He was nominated for the Hike Award four times. In 2007 he received the literary award "Gdynia". Finalist of the Wislava Szymborska's Prize for the book "Second Hand" (2017). Came to Minsk for the festival "Poems on asphalt" in Memory of Mikhas Stralcou.

Lives in Krakow.
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