Kasja Chekatoǔskaja

Belarusian playwright and actress.

Born in Minsk in 198... year. Graduated from the Lyceum of BSU, philological class (2004), Belarusian State Pedagogical University, Pedagogical Psychology (2009); ECLAB College, concentration "Contemporary art and theater" (2017).

Fellow of two literary residencies: in Vilnius, Lithuania (2019) and Krasnogrudok, Poland (2021). Participant of the Social Theater Laboratory (Minsk) as an actress and lyricist, she works with documentaries on important social topics (domestic violence, discrimination, oppressed people, violence by the authorities.

While participating in peaceful protests in 2020 in Minsk, she was imprisoned. He has been living in exile since 2021.

Author of several plays:

"Gorgons" is a play written as part of a theatrical residency "The House of Creators" in Warsaw in 2022, presented on the YouTube channel of the residence and within the framework of the festival of the Belarusian book "preface".

"Delicately" is a play about the boundaries of human and non–human experience on the example of a psychoneurological boarding school for adults, Minsk – Vilnius, 2020. The play was included in the shortlists of the drama festivals "Next Stage Europe" (Germany), "Writebox" (Belarus) and "Lyubimovka" (Russia).
"The Last Breakfast" — a play about the problems faced by children of alcoholics, Minsk, 2019. The play was included in the shortlist of the drama festival "Writebox“ (Belarus) and the long list "Lyubimovka" (Russia).

"Mastectomy” — a play about the danger of urban space and a sense of defenselessness in society, Minsk, 2018. The play was included in the shortlist of the drama festival "Nichja" (Russia) and the longlist of "Writebox" (Belarus). The play was included in the Anthology of modern Belarusian drama "Everything is fine. Her version" (2020).

Kasja Chekatoǔskaja's publications in "Taubin":
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