Aksana Danilčyk

Belarusian poet, translator, literary critic.

Born on November 15, 1970 in Minsk, graduated from the Philological Faculty of BSU and postgraduate studies at the Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Candidate of Philological Sciences (2002). Author of the monograph "Essentia Hominis: the concept of man in the Belarusian and Italian prose of the twentieth century on the theme of the Second World War" (2022).

Author of the poetry collections "Abrys Skarpijona" ("The outline of the Scorpion", 1996), "Il Mezzogiorno. Poǔdzień" ("Il Mezzogiorno. The South", 2006), "Son, jaki niemahčyma zabaranić" ("A dream that cannot be forbidden", 2011), "Blumenstrasse" (e-book, 2018), books of poetry for children "Pavucinka na ahreście" ("Cobweb on gooseberries", 2005). Participated in literary festivals and seminars in Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine. The poems have been translated into English, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian; they were included in collective collections and anthologies.

Translates from Italian.

Participated in the creation of a documentary about Jaǔhenija Janiščyc "Niebjaśpiečny talient" ("Dangerous talent", 2008).

Together with Viktar Žybul, she contributed an anthology of Belarusian women's poetry of the interwar period "Bliskavicy" (2017).

Winner of the "Golden Apostrophe Award" of the "Dzejasloǔ" magazine for the best publication in the Poetry category (2021).

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