Zmicier Dziadzenka

Belarusian poet, writer, bard.

Born in 1972 in Vorša, Viciebsk region.
In 1994 he graduated from the Faculty of Philology of BSU.

The works were published in "Maladość" ("The Youth"), "Polymja" ("The Flame"), "Pieršaćviet" ("The Primrose"), "Pamiž" ("Between"), "Dziejasloǔ" ("The Verb") and other publications. Author of the historical and genealogical reference book "Vorša gentry" (1996), the collection of conversations "Belarus: neither Europe nor Russia" (2006), co-author of the book "Our Dish" (2008). Author of fiction books "Historyji ǔ pryciemkach" ("Stories at dusk", 2015), "Vialikaja pralietarskaja revaliucyja" ("The Great Proletarian Revolution", 2017, electronic edition), "Ordzien Pramianistych" ("Order of the Radiant", 2020, electronic edition).

Winner of the Transparent AEOLUS Award in the Drama category (2019).

Zmicier Dziadzenka's publications in "Taubin":
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