Marina Hobbel is a writer, translator and editor. Born in Minsk, Belarus, moved to Norway in 2003. She graduated from the Belarusian State University, candidate of philological sciences, master's degree in cultural history of the University of Oslo. He writes in Russian, Belarusian and Norwegian.

Translator of poetry and prose from Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian languages into Norwegian and from Norwegian into Belarusian and Russian, among the recent translations into Norwegian of "The Museum of Abandoned Secrets" by Oksana Zabuzhko and "What are you going for, wolf?" Eva Vezhnavets. Among the translated poets are Ukrainian Yulia Musakovska, Iya Kyva, Oleg Kotsarau and others, Belarusian Dmitriy Strotsev, Tanya Skarkinkina, Yulia Tsimafeeva, Algerd Bakharevich, Vera Burlak, Yuliy Ilyushchanka and others.

Author of two prose books in Russian: "The Great Materializer" (2002) and "Butterfly, Poor Leaf" (2012). Stories, short stories, poems, articles and translations were published in electronic and paper editions of Belarus, Norway, Sweden, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan.
Maryna Hobbel
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