Lukaš Yaraš

Famous Polish poet and musician. He plays the drums and also sings his own lyrics.

Born in 1978 in Olkuša in Lesser Poland, he has been living in the village of Jurada for many years. He works as a Polish teacher at the Nicolaus Copernicus Elementary School No. 1 in Olkuša.

He published his texts in many publications, among which — "Tygodnik Powszechny", "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Twórczość", "Topos", "Odra" and others. Author of about fifteen poetry books, including "Soma" (2006), "Biały tydzień" (2007), "Mimikra" (2010), "Wolny ogień" (2011), "Pełną krew" (2012), "Świat fizyczny" (2014), "Kardonia I Faber" (2015). The winner of numerous competitions, the winner of several prestigious literary awards, among which is the Wislava Szymborska Prize for 2013.

Professor Maryan Stalya described the work of Lukaš Yaraš as follows: "this is poetry of the best, genuine sample. Its power lies in the ability to snatch out pieces of reality (taken from what I saw, touched, heard and remembered), and then put them together into a whole that at first seems simple, and then begins to darken, acquire depths, refer to some mystery."

Lukaš Yaraš' publications in "Taǔbin":
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