Artur Kamarouski

Poet, performer, journalist, activist. Participant of VIA "Krasny Borshchevik".

Born in 1991 in Mir (Hrodna region). He graduated from Hrodna State University named after Yanka Kupala and with the Master's Degree program (HrSU). He studied at the "School of a Young Writer" (2013) and the "School of a Young writer W/Rights" (2020). Participant of the program "Residence of a young writer" (2018).

Author of the book "Vada pachynaie zhyc’" ("Water begins to live", 2020), the "Debut" Award named after Maxim Bogdanovich.

The poems were published in the magazines "Maladosc’", "Dziejasloŭ", as well as on the portals "Polutona", "Literratura", "Dvoetochie", etc., translated into Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, English, Estonian and Swedish.

Participant of the anthologies "Vot oni, a vot my" ("Here they are, and here we are"), "Ya — tsishyna" ("I am a silence").

Lives in Tbilisi.
Photo by Ivan Ivanchanka
Artur Kamarouski's publications in Taubin:
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