Volga Kasciuk

She was born on Palessie in the village of Radchytsk, Stolin district. Graduated from BSU Faculty of Philology, Department of Russian Language and Literature and two courses of Maya Kucherskaya at the Creative Writing School (Russia), participated in the Carrie Ryan workshop (WLAG), in the laboratory of femme writing "Расцяжэнне", is a student of the Belarusian Collegium (Anna Severinets's seminar "Беларуская класіка па літарах: павольнае чытанне"). This year, she launched the book club Bielaruskaja Čytackaja Bramka (online), where everyone who wants to discuss one of the books of modern Belarusian literature once a month.

Her works were published in the collection "Расцяжэнне", on the website of the newspaper "Новы Час", in the fem-queer magazine FEMINIST ORGY MAFIA, Tint Journal (Austria), PEPPER Magazine (USA), in the online publication ROAR (Russian Oppositional Arts Review). In the second issue of the literary zine "Где-то" (Russia), in the zine "ЭББ 2. Что мы наделали", in the magazines "Иные берега" (Finland), "Дактиль" (Kazakhstan), "Незнание" (Russia) and others.

Now lives in New Zealand.
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