Nasta Kudasava's publications in "Taubin":
Nasta Kudasava

Poet, translator. Born on May 25, 1984 in Ragachoŭ, Gomel region. Graduated from Ragachoŭ Secondary School No. 5 (2001), Faculty of Philology and Master's degree of BSU (2007).

She has been published in periodicals since 1999 ("Nasha Niva", "Dziejasloŭ", "Maladosc", "Vierasien", "Novy Chas", "LIM" and others). Author of poetry books "Лісце маіх рук" ("Leaves of my hands", 2006), "Рыбы" ("Fishes", 2013), "Маё невымаўля" ("My nievymaŭlja", 2016), "Вясна. Вуснам цесна" ("Spring. The mouth is tight", 2021). Member of the "Union of Belarusian Writers".

She received the award of the Belarusian PEN Center "Book of the Year-2016" for the collection "My nievymaŭlja", the award "Prazrysty Eol" (2018) in the nomination "The Best Poetic Publication of the Year", the Mikhas’ Straltsoŭ Literary Prize in 2021. Winner of the Magdalena Radziwill Scholarship for Writers and translators (2018), winner of the first Uladzimir Karatkievich Festival (2019). Participant of the residence of the young writers in Vilnius, as well as various poetry festivals — "Poems on the pavement", "Kyiv Laurels", "Meridian Lutsk", etc.

The poems were translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech and English.
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