Poet and translator.

Born in 1988 in Minsk. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of BSU (2010).

Author of poetry collections: "Pavarot da mora" ("Turn to the sea", 2011), "Swamova" (2013), "Siver-hara" ("Siver Mountain", 2015), "Valadar zahadak" ("Lord of Riddles", 2017), "Hram raki" ("Temple of the River", 2019), "Viecier ništo i reha c'my" ("Wind of nothingness and Echo of darkness", 2021).

Translates mainly from Sanskrit and English. The following books have been published for today: "Ryhveda. Kola 1" ("Ryhveda. Wheel 1", 2016), "Kalidasa. Voblačny viastun" ("Kalidasa. Cloud Messenger", 2017), "Apovied pra Šakuntalu" ("The Story of Shakuntala", 2018), "Čytvo" ("Pulp") by Charles Bukowski (2018), "Staraanhielskaja paezija" ("Old English Poetry", 2019), "Bhartryhary. Vybranyja vieršy" ("Bhartryhary. Selected Poems", 2019), "Mahabharata: vybranyja apoviedy" ("Mahabharata: Selected Stories", 2022).

Winner of the Carlos Sherman Competition for the Best Poetic translation ("Old English Poetry") in 2020.

"The Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien, "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Died" by Tom Stoppard and a collection of selected poems by Robert Frost have not yet been published.

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Ihar Kulikoǔ
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