Viacheslav Levytskyi's publications in "Taubin":
Viacheslav Levytskyi

Ukrainian poet, translator, literary critic.

Born in 1988 in Kiev. Graduated from the Institute of Philology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2009). Candidate of Philological Sciences (since 2012).

He is the author of three collections of poetry (the newest is "Long Play", February 2022) and several monographs. An active popularizer of Belarusian literature, including the super-translator into Ukrainian of Andrej Khadanovich's poetry collection "Bielaruski muzhchyna" ("The Belarusian man") and the anthology of the modern Belarusian story "Yak ryba ab liod" ("Like a fish on ice") ("Abodva", 2015), the book by Natalka Kharytanyuk and Lizaveta Gancharova "Kazka pra toje, yak Sviatoha Mikolu zabaranyali" ("The Tale of how St. Nicholas was Banned", 2021). The compiler, super-translator and author of the afterword to the anthology is bilingual "Bum-Bam-lit" (Kyiv: "Liuta Sprava", 2021). Winner of a number of Ukrainian and foreign competitions, including the "Exlibris" named after Uladzimir Karatkevich (2020) of the "Union of Belarusian Writers". Winner of the "One Poem Fest" (Minsk, 2021).

Lives and works in Kiev.

Photo made by Z. K.