Hanna Sieviaryniec

Belarusian teacher, journalist and writer. Literary critic, researcher of Belarusian literature.

Author of the books "Dzien’ Sviatoha Patryka" ("St. Patrick's Day", 2017), "Uladzimir Duboǔka: jon i pra jaho" ("Uladzimir Duboǔka: he and about him", 2017), "Hascinica Bielhija" ("Hotel Belgium", 2019), "Vakol Piatra Hlebki" ("Around Piatro Hlebka", 2019), "Maja škola" ("My School", 2021). The compiler and author of the forewords and comments to the books: "Ales Dudar. Selected works" (2017), "Yanka Kupala. Selected Works" (2020), "Three Anehins: Puškin, Dudar, Kuliashoǔ" (2020). She is preparing for publication a collection of poems by his father Kanstancin Sieviaryniec.

Winner of the Aliaksandr Ulasaǔ "Exlibris" Awards (2014), "Hlinyany Vialies" (2017), "Prazrysty Eol" (2018). "Man of the Year"-2019 — according to the newspaper "Naša Niva". The shortlist of the Ježy Giedroyc’ Prize for the book "Hascinica Bielhija" ("Hotel Belgium"), 2020.

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