Serhiy Zhadan

The cult Ukrainian poet, as well as a novelist, essayist, musician, activist and volunteer, one of the leaders of public opinion. Born in 1974 in Starobilśk. Lives in Kharkiv. He is the author of numerous poetry collections, including "Сitatnik" (1995), "Ballads about War and Reconstruction" (2000), "Cultural History of the Beginning of the Century" (2003), "Maradona" (2007), "Firearms and knives" (2012), "The life of Mary" (2015), "List of ships" (2020), etc. He has published prose books "Big Mac" (2003), "Depeche Mode" (2004), "Anarchy in the UKR" (2005), "Anthem of Democratic Youth" (2006), "Voroshilovgrad" (2010), "Mesopotamia" (2014), "Internat" (2017).

Winner of numerous awards, including the BBC Book of the Year (three times), the Joseph Conrad Prize, the Angelus Prize, the German Book Publishers' Peace Prize, the Hannah Arendt Prize for political thinking. In September 2022, the Polish Academy of Sciences nominated Serhiy Zhadan for the Nobel Prize.

Translated into dozens of languages. Four prose books have been published in Belarusian, as well as two collections of poetry.
Serhiy Zhadan's publications in "Taubin":
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