Poetry is a space of love.

This is another dimension of the word, free from censorship, various conventions and prohibitions.

We are freedom from hate, aggression and any other manifestations of evil.

We are freedom.

Our values:

Love for the national Belarusian language. Respect for other languages. Russian-speaking poets of Belarus are Belarusian poets.

Equality of all skin colors, genders, sexualities, religions (as well as the absence of such) and other characteristics that determine the individuality of each person.

We do not interfere in the activities of literary communities and trends, do not discuss our colleagues in the public space and do not compete with other cultural initiatives.

We do not give preference to "big names". The only criterion for selecting texts for publication is their quality.

Our goals:

To promote the development and expansion of Belarusian poetry and the Belarusian literary process.

Give authors space for expression.

Bring to the world the value of freedom of speech, equality and mutual respect.

Establish links between different literatures of the world.
To achieve our goals, we use the text as an instrument of communication between poets and readers, authors and critics, all lovers of the beautiful word and those who are just getting acquainted with Belarusian culture.

Our requirements:

Love literature.

Send us high-quality texts.

Share our values of equality, acceptance, respect.

Be polite and considerate to others.

Read, listen and hear each other.

"Taubin" is a tribute to our predecessors, generations of Belarusian poets who laid the foundation for the existence of modern Belarusian poetry with their poems. This is a tribute to those who spoke in order to be heard, who were able to say so that even after decades of utterance remains relevant.

We did not intend to create a museum of dead poets. Our goal is a space of living, modern, special. Thank you for being with us.

With love,
the team of "Taubin".
Who are we and what are we about

We will wait!
Send us your texts