Mikhal Baranoǔski

Born in 1984 in Minsk. Graduated from Maxim Tank BSPU with a degree in History and Foreign Language. He studied at the Belarusian Collegium at the department of Philosophy and Literature. After serving in the army since 2008, he has been working at the Maxim Bahdanovič Literary Museum. Author of scientific and critical publications, book reviews. The compiler of the biographical publication "ŽZLB. Maxim Bahdanovič" (2021).

Author of books of poetry "Volumen.1" (2016) and "Volumen.2" (2020). Winner of the Maxim Bahdanovič Debut Award for the best debut book (2017), winner of the literary competition "Exlibris" (2019).

Sometimes he performs as a musician and songwriter. The popularizer of Belarusian poetry, creativity of Maxim Bahdanovič, Uladzimir Karatkevič, whose words together with the group "Nielha zabyc" ("It is impossible to forget") recorded special concert programs. Organizer of literary and musical events.