Tony Lashden

Writer from Minsk, queer-fem activist and journalist.

Co-organizer of the laboratory of feminist writing "Raściažennie", participation of the #FREEALLWORDS project dedicated to the freedom of literature and the voices of political prisoners.

Tony's texts were published in the zines "Gde-to", "Na siebja", "Figury", "Interval", in the magazines "Mincult", "Polyglot" (Canada), "Pepper" (USA), as well as on the portals "Litradyjo", "Už", "The Village", "Feminist Orgy Mafia".

Author of the books "Apošni aǔtobus sykhodzić u vosiem" ("The last bus leaves at eight", 2021) and "15 dniej, kogda ja umirala" ("15 days when I was dying", 2019).

Lives and works in Stockholm and Warsaw.

Tony Lashden's publications in "Taǔbin":
"What do I remember about miensk" (poems)
Photo: Alexandra Wells
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