Julia Chernyshova

Poet, researcher of American, Russian and Belarusian poetry of the XX-XXI centuries.

She was born in 1998 and grew up in Minsk. Now she lives in Lviv. Graduated from the literary program of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of St. Petersburg State University and Bard College. At the moment, she is completing a master's degree at the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg (“Russian literature in cross-cultural and intermediate perspectives”), takes part in the work of the club “Red Knowledge” and is a member of the editorial board of the HSE St. Petersburg student scientific journal ("In Your Own Words").

Poems in Russian and English were published in online publications "F-pis’mo na Syg.ma", "Dvoetochie" and "Novaya karta russkoj literatury", in the printed editions of "rdbnpng" (Yale University Radio) and "Writer's Block" (University College London). Special mention of the jury of the poetry awards "Cicada" and the prize of the German A. Dragomoshchenko (2021).

Literary edition of the bilingual poetry collection by Daniil Zadorozhny "the not-so-distant forms of closeness/dangerous forms of closeness" (Dnipro: Gerda, 2021).

Julia Chernyshova’s publications in “TAUBIN”:

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