*solidarity with Jewish people
Soviet monuments were silent about Jews. The USSR has been gone for 32 years now, and the monuments are still silent. In some places we mention pre-war Jewish pogroms, but the Holocaust did not seem to happen in Belarus.

It seemed that this chimera of the 20th century, hatred of Jews, had sunk into oblivion. But no: it still exists and it is still parasitized by those who are helped by such things to hide their own evil. And therefore, calls to exterminate Jews are absolutely openly and shamelessly allowed, and somewhere even on live TV people are ready to be stoned. Undisguised barbarism is becoming fashionable again today, and humanity has less and less strength to resist it.

Wars are fought for territories, access to resources, because of the ambitions and stupidity of rulers, but no one in the world, except Jews, has been forced to fight for their existence for centuries just because he or she has such blood — blood of the same color as that flowing in our veins, but for some reason special, "not like that". It shouldn't be like this. There are no better or worse nations, everyone deserves equal respect and inviolability. Everyone has the right to be.

Yulij Taǔbin was a Jew. This is a fact that cannot be refuted or taken away in history. A Belarusian poet of Jewish origin, he wrote the poem "Taǔryda", remarkable in his horror, where he showed how pogroms were committed, and actually foresaw the Holocaust, which mowed down almost the entire Jewish population of Belarus.

He would not have remained silent in these dark days. Yudal Abramavič himself became a victim of terror 86 years ago, for a different reason, but no less unfair, and now only the pines in the Kurapaty forest can whisper lines for him... Instead of Yulij Taǔbin, we, modern poets, should speak, and that's why we make these publications — to say that evil has no place in the civilized world and that no one should fear for their lives because he or she is of "not like that" blood, and also to give space to voices those whom it was impossible (to) hear through the propaganda of "hatred", who were not allowed / are not allowed to speak. These concepts belong in the past. Barbarism will never conquer the next day.

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