Murdered, but not forgotten
86 years ago, several lifetimes ago, the threads of the destinies of hundreds of talented, intelligent, honest people broke, for whom words were not just words, but created new galaxies — and each of them was unique.

86 years ago, some people took revolvers in their hands and stood on the outskirts of ravines, confident in their right to punish, forever shut up the mouths of those who had the courage to speak — in full height, at the top of their voices. Those who simply lived, met different seasons and strongly wanted to be — despite any threats and danger.

After 86 years, the names of those brave people who were prematurely deprived of the opportunity to leave traces resounded with renewed vigor — as a reminder to us, the present. As a warning from the last limit.

Perhaps among these voices you will find "your own" — for which you will be able to hold on in the darkest times, in which you will find the ground and hope that will lead you through the whirlwinds and "blockages of time".We want to believe that changes will come faster than we think, and that the circle of history, having turned around, will finally close.

On the anniversary of the "black night of Belarusian literature", the "Taǔbin" magazine publishes collections of poems by shot and repressed poets, invested by people of the year 2023, who from here, from the height of this time, comprehend the events of the bloody 1930s, that is closer to us than ever.

This year we have tried to fill our small collection and show you poems, most of which you are unlikely to find on the Internet. Poets, about whom, perhaps, you have only heard or whom you knew on the one side, will reveal themselves to you in a new way, as they revealed themselves to us while we were working on this publication.

Specially for the "Night of Poets" we are also printing one of the two Russian-language poems by Yulij Taǔbin, which have not appeared anywhere and in any form yet. "Osada" ("The Siege") is dedicated to the civil war, but written by a young genius with irony, which he masterfully hid behind pathos, and without any worship: none of the heroes and heroines of this text, none of the parties remains in the winners.

Specially for "Taǔbin", the blogger Bookish Homa has prepared an exclusive publication with poems by the murdered Belarusian-Jewish poet Aron Judelson. Also this year we decided to talk not only about those who were killed in the "Black night of Belarusian culture", but also about those who were passed by a bullet at that time — but later did not escape the death; who underwent repression, were sented to the camps and disappeared as completely as 26 poets who were killed on the night of October 29 to October 30, 1937.

Terror has no borders, nationalities and skin color. Let the voices of the murdered become louder.

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